The Latin American High Performance Computing Conference (LHPC) is an annual event that focuses on topics related to high performance computing (HPC) in Latin America. It is organized by the Latin American Network for High Performance Computing (LANHPC) and its objective is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between the members of the HPC community in the region. The conference typically includes tutorials, workshops, and keynote speakers.


Tutorials are an important part of LHPC and provide a comprehensive overview of HPC technologies and applications. Topics covered in the tutorials typically range from basic topics such as parallel programming and distributed systems to more advanced topics such as cluster computing, cloud computing, and distributed data processing. The tutorials are usually held in the morning and afternoon of the first day of the conference. The tutorials are typically divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


The beginner tutorials are designed for those with little or no knowledge of HPC, while the intermediate and advanced tutorials are more suitable for those with more experience. The tutorials are usually led by experts in the field, who provide handson instruction and practical advice for those attending. At the end of each tutorial, the attendees are invited to ask questions and discuss the topics covered. This creates an interactive learning environment that allows the attendees to gain a better understanding of the topics discussed. The tutorials at LHPC are an important opportunity to learn about the latest developments in HPC and to network with other members of the HPC community. They also help to promote the exchange of ideas and foster collaboration among the members of the community.

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